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Commercial Pest Control Services

For commercial pest control customers, we follow the principles of Integrated Pest Management, a combined approach to pest problems.

Before attempting to control pests, it is very important to understand the biology and behaviour of the species you are dealing with. Before we recommend a pest control strategy, we will collect all the necessary information so we can propose the most effective control programme.

Our site surveys help to establish:

  • Which pest species you are dealing with
  • Where your site is most at risk
  • The best way to deal with the problem
  • The precautions you need to take in future

We then submit a report on our findings, sometimes including photos, and a proposal for action. Our proposal might include tactics such as proofing (keeping pests out), better housekeeping, managing the environment, rotating stock or the use of pesticides.

We also submit method statements, risk assessments and of course our quotation for the cost of our works.

We maintain a database of all calls, treatments and visits, helping us keep track of your past problems and any actions taken.

How our pest control services work;


Call us to discuss your pest control problem.


We’ll recommend the best course of action that will work for you.


We will arrange an inspection so we can make a more detailed recommendation based on your circumstances.


After the treatment is completed, we will guide and help you to make sure pests don’t return.


At every stage, you’ll feel the reassurance of dealing with a friendly, professional and trusted pest control company.